Friday, November 2, 2012

Belated Announcement

So, today marks 23 weeks, and we have yet to announce the gender of the baby. I'm sorry for the delay. 
It's a boy!

He is very active. He is a kicker, puncher, roller, and wiggler. But I love him already. :)

I'm starting to get bigger as well. Growing out of lots of clothes, but at least he is making room for himself :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grant's Big Letdown

So I have an obstetrician’s appointment tomorrow and will be 18 weeks along. We were both hoping we would get the ultrasound to find out the gender, but I called and no such luck. I am okay with that because we will know soon enough. Grant is another story. He is pretty upset and bummed that we aren’t finding out tomorrow, but I think it will be that more exciting to find out on his birthday. J

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Rackham

So the news is out, but I’ve been too lazy to blog. Grant and I are going to be parents March 1, 2013 (: if the baby comes on the due date J) So I am 17 weeks pregnant, we are super excited! I am starting to feel the baby move around. Most days that is way exciting but other days it’s really uncomfortable. 

One thing for sure, it always makes me giggle. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still Happy!

So here we are, still in Rexburg, and chugging through life. We are creating and adjusting to a new schedule for this semester. I am in school with 9 credits, and working 25 hours a week at Biolife, the plasma center in Idaho Falls. I am loving my job and am learning so much. It was been so fun to be able to apply some of the concepts I’ve studied so much for the past 4 years. Grant is working 15 hours or so a week and looking for a job. He is working on finding a mission for this Spring semester, but has been pretty productive so far.
In other news, Grant’s dad is coming to visit us this weekend. WE ARE SO EXCITED! I’m trying to limit my hours that weekend for more time with family. Grant is not working that Saturday, so he will have lots of one-on-one time with his dad.
Much Love

The Adventurers

Sorry I’m not a good writer, so thanks for reading.  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Exciting News!

Some of you may have heard…..I got a job! I am now working at Biolife. It is the plasma center in Idaho Falls. I am going to be a phlebotomist there…..eventually. I’ve enjoyed is so far and am really excited about working there. Sorry this is so short, but there will be updates later once I start getting into it.

The Adventurers

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I’ve come to grips. If I don’t update this blog now, I may never do it at all. So to start:
We made it through the end of the fall semester, I got A’s and 1 B. Grant got off Academic Probation. We did it!
After that, we headed across the country to Woodbridge, Virginia. We started at 4 am and got there finished at 5 pm. (with a 2 hour time difference). After that day, we were adjusting to the time difference and got to bed late. To spare you the details, we went to church in Grant’s home ward for three weeks in a row, We had an absolute blast!!! We spend lots of time with Sadie (the beloved puppy) and Mom. The girls went out for pedicures one afternoon.
Brag: My new younger siblings are amazing! Sarah has the most amazing breaststroke I’ve ever seen and is super creative. Dallin can swim BETTER than a fish. Aaron can speak French like a pro! We got to watch a swim practive for each of them. The one for the boys was early in the morning. I made it through about a half hour and then slept. Grant made it all the way through. It was way cool. Grant also got to go swimming with Dallin one day and did pretty well.
We spent all of Christmas Day, besides church, opening Christmas presents. The Rackham family has a tradition of each child opening one gift at a time and taking turns. Needless to say, with 12 of us, it took a while. It was way fun though.
Christmas break was super busy and crazy so I miss my family TOO much. We played Laser Quest, played Mario Super smash brothers, and Mario kart. We did puzzles and made pizzas. It was jammed packed and we loved.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to spend 2 weeks with family. We Love You Rackham’s 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Time

I know! I’m the worst blogger in the world. I don’t even post once a month, but here it is. The next 10 days can’t pass soon enough. I am so ready to be done with school this semester and so is Grant. After 12 weeks of the same classes and coming up on big projects and tests, I want nothing more than to be done. I am working every day, and can’t complain about my job. I work with the best people, but even with that, I’m ready for a break. Grant works once or twice a week. He loves working at the rock climbing gym and has a ton of fun practicing his own rock climbing and teaching everyone that come in. I just keep dreaming. In 10 days we will be on a plane headed far away from Rexburg, Idaho. I will miss my family dearly, especially my little nephew. I know Ashley will take good care of him while I’m gone though. Two weeks in Virginia is going to be so fun. I don’t think I could help you all understand how excited Grant is. He and I are so excited to see family and spend some long needed quality time. Ready or not Mom and Dad, here we come!

Back to homework and tests. Love you all!

Happier than ever to be together
The Rackhams